Fake Call Girlfriend Prank

In the real world your friend want to know what you talk with your girlfriend.
If you wish to some fun with that type of friends then you can prank with him usingĀ Fake Call Girlfriend Prank. Also you want to have a break from meeting in office or just want to get out from a boring party then just schedule a fake call for yourself by using this Fake Call girlfriend Prank app.
Fake Call Girlfriend Prank Application Features:
– You Can Set Fake Caller Picture in given
– Set Fake Caller Number

– Set Fake Caller Name
– Set Call Time with Given Delays
– Set Fake Caller Voice
– Record Caller Voice
– Save Setting and Wait for call
– Get Incoming Fake Call
– Receive Fake Call and prank with friend

You can even use Fake Call Girlfriend Prank as an alarm clock!
It is the perfect prank to play on friends and family!
If you look like this app so funny then Please give your Valuable comments and ratings.
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